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The Hill Top Way

We are a family, and we are stronger when we work together. Our environment is like a jigsaw puzzle where we cooperate through love and understanding to build a complete picture for our children piece by piece. We firmly believe that this is always possible through collaboration. It may sometimes be challenging but we strive to go beyond the limits to achieve our objectives. We teach our young people that day-to-day experiences can be pieced together to enable them to have fulfillment in their lives and reach their goals. They are encouraged to celebrate each step they take along the way! We care and we love!

(Hill Top Childrens Care Team)

Therapeutic Support

We take a multi-sensory approach to the specific needs of each child, while our team’s work is complemented by the support of our own psychotherapist.

A Warm Welcome

From walking through our doors, young people are greeted by a warm, smiley, caring team, ready to help them through any confusion and turmoil.

Expert Team

Staff are selected through a vigorous assessment process, involving of the young people at the final stage. The majority of new recruits are already experienced and qualified.

Parental Input

Parents are encouraged to be involved by the completion of the “Parent Plan”. Every little helps us to help others.

Care Planning

We take the initial Local Authority Care Plan and aim to create a masterpiece, reaching above and beyond expectations. The young people are totally involved.

Tailored Support

We bring a creative approach to behaviour management, every approach is personalised to the individual, no model is the same.

Key Working Sessions

Taking place regularly with young people, these highly productive sessions assist and inform decisions they may make in the future.

Specialist Training

New recruits with limited qualifications and experience go through an intensive training programme and robust probationary period. All staff have regular training to grow their skills.

Professional Staff

Who Add Value

Our staff are fully committed to the principles of equal opportunities and anti-discriminatory practice and recognise, accept, and celebrate diversity, as well as the concept of developing social cohesion.

Our Homes


Child-Centred Outcomes

Our homes have their own personality, centred on an individualised model of care which allows us to cater for the diverse range of needs presented by the children/young people in a family-oriented environment.

Our Homes

What We Do

We provide services for children & young people with complete needs.

Taylor Made care that supports and fits

Quality provider of Care.

Working together to make a different

Quality provider of specialist support and residential care for young people with complex needs.

Care in the community

Community based support services for the vulnerable children, young people, adults and families.