About Us

Our Values

Hill Top Children’s Care strives to provide high-quality care in our residential homes. We understand that children need space to evolve and become adults, and that this is key to their healthy development.

We endeavour to provide inspirational care in order to raise the aspirations of vulnerable and socially excluded children in society. We are committed to individual involvement, empowerment and development to help the children achieve their full potential. Our methods ensure that each child/young person is valued, listened to and has their needs met. The principal objective at Hill Top Children’s Care is to provide a quality of life that is as close to a family environment as can be achieved, using an effective parenting approach alongside praise and rewards to ensure consistent boundaries and achievable outcomes.

We believe that establishing an affirmative environment for our young people is integral to achieving child-centred outcomes and ensuring that we are supportive of their healing process/journey. It is our belief that our homes achieve the perfect balance between the foundations of a family home and the provision of extensive care, thereby enabling our children and young people to thrive and achieve positive and aspirational outcomes whilst being in an inspiring environment where they can achieve their maximum potential. Our homes have their own personality, centred on an individualised model of care which allows us to cater for the diverse range of needs presented by the children/young people in a family-oriented environment.

We are proud of our professional staff who add value to our ethos. They have an unwavering commitment to providing our children and young people with high-quality care services. They are also fully committed to the principles of equal opportunities and anti-discriminatory practice, and they recognise, accept and celebrate diversity as well as the concept of developing social cohesion.

Why Our Homes

We place a heavy emphasis on listening to and supporting young people in achieving their goals and realising their dreams and aspirations. Our team provide caring and appropriate role models who are experienced and well trained in offering a service that covers important “outcomes” for young people, through the application of choices, activities and consistent boundaries.

‘Pedagogy’ literally translates to education and social refers to the emphasis on bringing up a child in a holistic environment where education, care and society are intertwined. At we offer additional benefits for child development such as being part of the network, encouragement to develop interests and skills and move towards a future that is individually suited to each and every child placed with us.

By adopting this framework, we can use the following tools and interventions to work with the children and young people referred to our services:

  • A person centred and holistic approach to Care Planning, risk assessments and care delivery.
  • Ensure they are consulted on their Care Plans and that their wishes are reflected in the Plans. The emphasis is always upon treating the child or young person as an individual and meeting his or her needs.
  • Ensure they have opportunities to learn from routine activities, i.e. meal times, shopping, conversations, as well as leisure activities, sports, social events, group working and projects.
  • Individual activities programme based on the young person’s interests and hobbies.
  • Individual Behaviour management programme that promotes positive behaviour development.
  • Encourage time to think, to question and to be creative.
  • Encourage feelings and views to be expressed through play, drama, music, dance and art as well as through verbal communication.
  • Encourage active participation during play.
  • Recognise and celebrate individual achievements and their contribution in completing tasks and/ or activities.
  • Support friendship building and the forming of new relationships.
  • Support and encourage positive risk-taking appropriate to their age and development.
  • Work in partnership to enable children and young people to achieve their full potential. We achieve this by building on identified skills and abilities that they already have. E.g., a child who has recently learnt to ride a bike could be supported (if he or she wished) to learn to safely cycle outdoors.
  • Work in partnership to ensure continuity of care.
  • Regularly engage in reflective practice to enable individuals and the team to learn from experience; to understand the impact that individual personalities have on child care practice; to foster a learning environment for our practitioners all to ultimately improve their outcomes.

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