Huntsman Lodge

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Huntsman Lodge is a semi-detached, three-bedroom house situated in the London Borough of Redbridge.

The home provides a resource for two young people of either gender aged between 8 and 18 who are looked after by the local authority. This home was established as Hill Top Childrens Care has identified that working with children and young people within a home that caters for a very small number of clients gives the staff the scope to carry out intensive work, identifying the young person’s presenting problem and working in partnership with them and significant others to address such problems.

The home offers a range of short-, medium- and long-term placements including emergencies. The home’s (the organisation’s) referral procedure has been strengthened and is designed to reflect these referrals, which we may decline to take as our services cannot be used without the correct match being made between the resources we offer and the needs of the presenting child.

To make a placement enquiry or any further information please contact!