Hill Top Childrens Care Referrals

Referral procedure

Initial referrals will be taken by a member of the senior management team. The full impact risk assessment will be based upon the essential information provided for the young person being referred (e.g., age, gender, presenting problems, exhibited behaviours etc.), which will be assessed prior to a place being offered. In addition, we may request a history profile, a chronology of events and mention of any incidents that have recently occurred as this could help us assess the risks and identify the needs so we can make an informed decision regarding placement suitability.

As part of this assessment process, we will consider the needs of existing clients and make every effort to ensure that we do not place young people who have conflicting or incompatible needs. Wherever possible, a pre-placement visit will take place to ascertain the young person’s suitability and wishes.

Emergency placement

It is envisaged that the vast majority of placements will, for obvious reasons, be pre-planned. However, Hill Top Children’s Care is prepared to accept unplanned placements in emergency situations.

Emergency placements will only be accepted in the following circumstances: a room and appropriate facilities are available; a review can be facilitated in not less than 72 hours; and there is an understanding from the placing authority that an alternative placement will be found if Hill Top Children’s Care is not deemed appropriate after this review.


Safeguarding is paramount. We are proud to employ a skilled team who do not hesitate to go the extra mile to ensure the safety of our young people. As well as implementing robust risk assessments, we strive to make sure that our knowledge base is extensive. Our team are provided with training opportunities that address critical issues such as radicalisation, extremism and sexual exploitation, and they undertake all the mandatory training as required. We also have the gift of forward-thinking; our aim is to anticipate risks both within the home and the community, and to manage them even before they can become a problem.

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